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Welcome to the online flower shop "Buket," where you will find the widest selection of roses of all types and colors. Our range includes red roses, white roses, yellow roses, pink roses, as well as long and short roses. We offer the best bouquets of roses so that you can express your feelings and joy to others.

Red roses are a symbol of true love and passionate passion. Our red roses impress with their beauty and expressiveness. They will create a unique gift for your loved one.

White roses are a symbol of purity and tenderness. They are ideal for expressing best wishes and support during difficult times.

Yellow roses are an expression of joy and friendship. They give a bright atmosphere and add sunshine to any day.

Pink roses are a symbol of tenderness and gratitude. They will make a great gift for your mother, sister or best friend.

Long roses - give lasting beauty and pleasure. They can decorate your home or office for a long time.

Short roses - compactness and incredible beauty in one. They are suitable for a wide variety of bouquets and compositions.

Order a bouquet of roses in our store and give joy and happiness to important people in your life. To keep them fresh for as long as possible, we advise you to follow some care rules. Change the water in the vase regularly, cut the flower tips at an angle and avoid direct sunlight. This will help maintain the beauty and freshness of your bouquet of roses for a long time.