Remember, flowers are living creatures of nature, and to extend their life, a number of important factors should be taken into account!

If you received a bouquet in a package and you have no desire to remove it, it is better to leave the flowers in it, freeing access to the flower legs. In this way, the bouquet will maintain its microclimate and lose less moisture from the leaves.
Prepare the vase. It is important that the amount of water is sufficient! Minimum 1 liter for a small bouquet. The bigger the better) For information, the flowers that are beginning to be enchanted are immersed completely in the bath for several hours and the flowers magically come to life. The main thing is not to miss the moment when they can still be saved.
Add to the water a means for feeding flowers or citric acid or vodka - this will slow down the natural processes of putrefaction and reproduction of flora. You can use plain water, but then it is desirable to change it and wash the vase with detergent every day and renew the cut of the stem.

How to cut flowers?
It is important not to allow air to enter the fresh cut, this will reduce the ability of the flower to feed on water. Therefore, we take a knife or scissors and cut about one centimeter at an angle under water or a stream of water from the tap. The larger the cut area, the better. A thick leg can also be cut in the middle by 1-2 cm. There is a ready-made vase with water in the sink or near us, we quickly immerse the legs in water, as deeply as possible.

Almost everything, it remains to choose a place - this is also of great importance. The main thing is that the cooler (not below 0) the better. And away from the sun, heating devices and drafts.
These points are important, but it is MUCH more important that this bouquet brings you pleasure and joy. Therefore, we advise you to take a good photo of a bouquet or a selfie with flowers. Capture this moment in your phone's memory forever. And take care of the flowers as much as you have the opportunity, desire and knowledge.